Restores targeting performance on iOS 14.5+ devices
No-IDFA Solution
options for mobile apps
Empowers Facebook traffic acquisition
media buying
what is web2app?
Web2app solution overcomes the obstacles posed by the IDFA limitation. You can promote apps on Facebook in the usual ways, getting all the analytics without reducing the performance of your campaigns
and goes to a landing page instead of the app page in the app store. And after he goes to the app store and downloads the app.
A user clicks on ads
is sent to Facebook Ads via our solution and can be used to optimize Facebook Ads Campaigns
All information about user behaviour
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How web2app work
Why web2app?
You can use the entire Facebook Ad inventory,
test ad creatives, etc.
No need to use expensive paid MMPs
You can switch to a free MMP and save money on attribution
Less competition in webb ad auctions
Properly aligned web funnel can increase Conversion Rates by additional user engagemen
It is possible to attach a payment system to the landing page and save money on platform fees
than on mobile devices
what we offer
Web2app by Appbooster
Landing page development (static/interactive/playable)
Infrastructure for web2app funnels with Facebook and MMP integration
In-app elements A/B testing (onboarding, tutorial, paywall, etc.) using automated algorithms for traffic distribution and ARPU optimization
Landing page A/B testing using automated traffic distribution algorithms
Media buying to web2app funnel from various traffic sources
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